Below are the necessary steps & forms to submit a course for Continuing Education for STAHI

1.  All courses are instructor specific.  You must first be an approved instructor prior to submitting any course.

2.  There are (2) types of instructors approved for NYS Continuing Education for the Professional Home Inspector – Home Inspectors & Technical Instructors.  Instructors who are also licensed home inspectors can apply for double credit hours for each course they teach during a two year license cycle.

Credit Equivalency Form Link

3.  Home Inspector Instructors must provide documentation showing active occupation as a NYS Home Inspector with a minimum of (250) completed home inspections over the past (3) years.

Home Inspector Instructor Form Link

4.  Technical Instructors must provide a resume certifying at least (3) years of experience relative to the specific course topic.

Technical Instructor Form Link

5.  Application fee for all instructors: $25 one time registration.   Any past criminal convictions and unpaid child support obligations are grounds for any and all instructor denial so please do not apply since background checks are run on all applications by NYS DOS.

6.  All applications must be original documents – no photocopies will be accepted.

7.  Continuing Education Courses for NYS DOS and STAHI require at least (75) days advance submission to the STAHI Education Coordinator prior to scheduling.  NYS Bureau of Education Standards requires a minimum of (60) days for approval once STAHI submits any course.

Course Application Form Link

8. A course outline is required for each course that includes:  minutes spent on each point, instructional aids used: i.e. Powerpoint Presentation, Handouts, Manual, etc. as well as a complete list of the references sources used to compile each course.  Relative NYS Building Codes and NYS Home Inspector Standards of Practice must be included with each outline and included in each course presentation.

Course Outline Form Link

9. Please submit all completed equivalency, instructor and course application forms via email to: