Bylaws of the Southern Tier Association of Home Inspectors



1. The name of this professional organization shall be Southern Tier Association of Home Inspectors.



1. To promote excellence within the profession and to improve inspection services to the public.

2. To provide members and others with a forum in which to enhance their professionalism through education, an informed exchange of ideas, and to provide other related benefits of membership.

3. To build public awareness and confidence in the home inspector.

4. To interact with related professions, the legal community and government bodies as a representative body for the local home and building inspection profession.



1. Members of the Association shall be restricted to practicing, or retired, home inspectors, or inspectors in training, in conformance with state law.

2. Trade members of the Association shall be other professionals that the home inspectors interact with in the normal course of performing inspections.



1. Dues for membership shall be an amount
established from time to time by the Board of Directors.

2. Any member more than sixty (60) days in arrears for any
indebtedness to the Association shall be considered not in good standing and may have his/her status suspended or revoked upon notice.

3. In the event of dissolution of the Association, any funds remaining shall be transferred to one or more organizations which are exempt from Federal Income Tax under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c )(6).

4. Individual members that have been dropped from membership for non-payment of dues or other indebtedness to the Association may be reinstated by a vote of the Board of Directors.



1. The officers of the Chapter shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.



1. The President shall be chairperson of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and shall preside at membership meetings. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

2. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume duties of the President. The Vice President shall also assume such other duties as are assigned by the Board. If the office of the President shall become vacant, the Vice President shall automatically succeed to the office of President to fill the unexpired term.

3. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee, the Membership Meetings and any special
meetings. The Secretary shall also be responsible for the maintenance of all papers, letters, member rosters and transactions of the association.

4. The Treasurer shall have general supervision over the fiscal affairs of the Association. The Board shall designate by resolution, signatories for all checks, notes drafts and other instruments for the payment and retention of money and other assets. The Treasurer shall report the financial standing of the Association to the Board with interim reports at any Executive Committee or Board meeting and shall make a full report at the Annual Meeting.

5. An officer or director may be temporarily suspended or removed from the Board for good cause by a three-quarter vote of the Board.

6. If the office of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer shall become vacant the President shall appoint a successor to fill out the unexpired portion of the term subject to approval by the Board. If the appointee is already holding elective or appointive office, the appointee shall serve in the appointed capacity in addition to other duties.



1. The chapter shall have a Board of Directors consisting of the membership in good standing.

2. The Board shall hold at least 6 meetings each year. Other meetings may be called by the President on thirty (30) days notice to each Board member and shall be called by the President in like manner or on like notice by the request of not less than 25% of the Board. Special meetings shall be held at such times and places as shall be



1) The Board of Directors shall:

a. Establish administrative policies governing the affairs of
the Association and devise measures for the Association’s growth
and development.

b. Provide for the proper care of materials, equipment, and
Association funds for the payment of legitimate expenses.

c. Approve the President’s appointments to committee

d. Establish notice and response for amendments by ballot.



1. Standing Committees shall perform the duties that these Bylaws describe and other duties as may be directed by the Board.

2. The president, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint such other committees, subcommittees or task forces as are necessary and which are not in conflict with other provisions of these bylaws, and the duties of any such committees shall be prescribed by the Board of Directors upon their appointment.



1. A President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director shall be elected to serve for a two year term.

2. Elections shall be carried out by members entitled to vote.

4. A plurality vote shall constitute an election. The nominees receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. In case of a tie, the choice shall be decided by lot.

5. The schedule for nominations and balloting shall be determined by the Board.



1. The Association shall hold regular meetings. The place, date, and hour of the meetings shall be designated by the Board and announced to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to each meeting.

2. Special membership meetings of the Association may be called by the Board or shall be called by the President upon written request of 25% or more of the members. The place, date, and hour of any special meeting shall be designated by the Board. Official notice of a special meeting shall state the purpose or purposes for which the meeting
is held.

3. Voting at any meeting or special membership meeting of the Association may be in person or by proxy. The proxies shall be in writing and may be for any or all of the items on the call of the meeting. A signed and dated proxy shall be mailed or otherwise delivered to the Secretary before the commencement of the meeting.
Proxies may be revoked by the maker prior to their being voted.



1. At least 50% of the members entitled to vote and voting in person shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the Association, provided the quorum includes the President or Vice President and two other officers or directors.

2. In the event of a mail ballot, response by 45% of the members entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum.

3. One half of the Board members plus one shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board.

4. A majority of the members of any standing committee or special committee shall constitute a quorum for voting on committee issues.



1. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.



1. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order (current edition) shall govern meetings of this Association where not inconsistent with these bylaws.



1. These Bylaws may be amended at any annual or special meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting.



1. The Association shall indemnify any person who was or is a party or threatened to be made a party to any threatened, pending, or completed action, suit or proceeding (including actions by or in right of the Association to procure a judgment in its favor) by reasons of the fact that the person is or was a representative of the Association, against expenses including attorney’s fee, judgments, fines and amounts paid in settlement, actually and reasonably incurred, if such person has been successful on the merit or otherwise in such action or, upon a determination in the specific case that such indemnification is proper in the circumstances. The Association may purchase and maintain insurance for the purpose of indemnification on behalf of any or all persons to the full extent authorized by law.



1. All policies and activities of the Association shall be consistent with applicable tax exemption requirements including that the Association not be organized for profit and that no part of its earnings inure to the benefit of any private individual or corporation.

2. It is the undeviating policy of the Association to comply strictly with the letter and spirit of all applicable federal, state, and local regulations and laws. Any activities of the Association or related actions of its staff, officers, directors, or members which violate these regulations and laws are detrimental to the interests of the Association, are unequivocally contrary to Association policy and, in consideration of these Bylaws, lack authority